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A New lifestyle boutique boasts exclusive “sustainable, artistic, intelligently designed stuff.

Next time you hit Joey’s Italian Café or Wynwood Walls, keep eyes peeled for a new cool store smack in between these two popular locations.

I had the pleasure and honor of being invited to the V.I.P. sneak peak opening event which was reserved for close friends and local influencers. I arrived on time and found Suzan McDowell, Frangipani’s PR person and friend of my client writer, publisher Jason Wood. A few minutes later, this man entered the store and .0001 of a second after I was attracted. Five seconds later he was standing in front of me and Suzane hugging her hello. We were quickly introduced, we chatted and bantered and then I strolled away to browse through all the amazing items on display. Turns out he’s a close friend of Frangipani owner, Jennifer Frehling and bam, boom, pow…he’s single –more on that in a minute. Back to this little gem of a store which upon entering, I was instantly transported to SoHo in New York City. 

Frangipani is hip, chic and artsy. It’s the kind of store where it is impossible NOT to find a perfect gift for someone and leave without scoring something for yourself. From ‘Spiritual Gangsta’ T-Shirts (I bought one cause it’s soft like butta) to home fragrance, watches by May 18th, (I bought one because I love watches) GORRRRGEOUS jewelry including gemstone jewelry by Argentina’s Alejandra Boquete to glasses, plates, cheese servers, handbags made by Jade Tribe out of indigenous materials, baby onezees, Vietnamese laptop cases made of recycled rice bags, candles, stationary, books, it’s kind of like when you’re a kid and you play store and it’s this mish mosh of different stuff. However, the mish mosh at Frangipani is a very very deliberately selected schematic of amazingly unique gems from brands in the sustainable category. Price points are from $4 to $700.