ABOUT "Alejandra Boquete". October 01 2013, 0 Comments

Alejandra Boquete is the founder and creator of the custom jewelry company, BQT. The Miami based company is a collaboration of designs inspired by Alejandra's naturally boho chic style, combined with her background in both the music and television industries.

Alejandra’s travels all over the world have also had a great influence on her designs, “BQT” designs source their unique materials from many parts of the world, especially India. Alejandra handpicks all of the materials for her line, thus making it exclusive and unique. Using semiprecious gems, wood, leather, sterling silver and gold vermeil, every one of Alejandra’s pieces exude a sense of effortless style when worn with even the simplest outfit. 

The advantage of being able to customize one's unique piece of jewelry gives theclient a chance to make it truly their own, adding and mixingcharms, symbols, rosaries, and stones, while at the same time having Alejandra add her personal touch to make it just right. When asked to describe her designs, Alejandra says that they are "chic and natural pieces for casual fashionistas who want show their sense of understated elegance.

” Alejandra intends for all of her pieces to add to a “look.” She added, “you know, that girl wearing jeans and a t-shirt and doesn’t even have to have a stitch of makeup on, but somehow looks oh, so cool without trying. Well, she did. The secret to that look of ‘unintended perfect’ is in the accessories.